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Acumen Holding and Subsidiaries

Acumen Holding was established in 2010 with an authorized capital of EGP 200 million and a paid-in capital of EGP 30 million.

The company has three subsidiaries


While supervising both companies and providing the consolidated financials, Acumen Holding combines services to be utilized by both subsidiaries such as: Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), Marketing and Finance.

The company ensures the highest standards of risk management, reporting and internal control while enforcing a strict personnel dealing policy ensuring that business entities are isolated through the use of ‘Chinese Walls’.

An opportunity to make a difference!

Why join Acumen?

Our number one focus in Acumen is our performance and our greatest asset is our people. We look for a team that is self-motivated, appreciates challenge and innovative. We tend to always pick the right person in the right position.

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