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Equity Portfolio

Has an Objective that Aims to achieve the highest possible return through the wise allocation in equity classes. We invest in growth, value stocks that pass our fundamental,technical and volatility control screening process.

Fixed Income Portfolio

Are risk-averse portfolios for investors with cash management needs. The portfolioinvests in risk-free, highly-liquid fixed-income assets with rates that are higher than banks’ deposit rates(e.g. Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds).

Balanced Portfolio

Is a portfolio that combines both equities and fixed income/money market asset classes at a balance,in order to achieve  higher return than fixed income with lower volatility than equity portfolios 

Capital Protected Portfolio

The objective of Capital Protected Portfolio is to protect the capital from any downside risk that can occur from equity markets, while capturing a good return from any upside of the Egyptian stock market. The portfolio manager adopts an active investment strategy to achievethis objective by investing the majority of the portfolio in Money Market/Fixed Income instruments with the rest invested in equities

Islamic Portfolio

Acumen offers its clients the ability to start a Sharia-compliant Islamic Portfolio based on a screening process conducted by external screening agencies. 

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Our number one focus in Acumen is our performance and our greatest asset is our people. We look for a team that is self-motivated, appreciates challenge and innovative. We tend to always pick the right person in the right position.

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