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Acumen Securities Brokerage

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Acumen Securities Brokerage was established in 2010, as the brokerage arm of Acumen Holding. Its services include prime brokerage, online trading, research, technical analysis, margin trading and intraday trading, in addition securities lending.

Acumen Securities Brokerage provides quality execution for local and foreign institutional and individual investors in the Egyptian market and aims to eventually branch out to all MENA markets through its ground presence and trading relationships. It has both English and Arabic interfaces and allows access to clients’ stock and cash positions, transaction history and statements.

From developing trading strategies to the final clearing and execution of transactions, our professionals provide insights and strategies that help clients achieve their goals.

The company has its own Sell-Side Research Department which reports directly to the board. The research department provides thorough analysis on most stocks listed on the exchange, and also puts emphasis on the coverage of small and mid-cap stocks. 


  Institutional investors

Acumen prides itself for its dedicated and focused service provided to institutional investors for developing and executing their strategies.

Professional and experienced traders maintain direct communications and accessibility to our institutional investors to provide them with the needed efficiency in doing business.

     Individual investors 

Acumen Securities’ highly trained sales team works on keeping individual investors on the right track with easy access and constant updates on market news and trends.

Our technical analysis team supports our clients’ trading decisions through daily reports that scan all the traded stock throughout the market and pick the best trading


An opportunity to make a difference!

Why join Acumen?

Our number one focus in Acumen is our performance and our greatest asset is our people. We look for a team that is self-motivated, appreciates challenge and innovative. We tend to always pick the right person in the right position.

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