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Misr Elkheir

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The organization of MEK has chosen Acumen Asset Management to be its Fund Manager due to the team’s impressive track record and its ability to obtain high returns on the funds that it manages. Acumen is considered to be one of the only companies that managed to be mandated the management of an onshore fund in Egypt in such a short time.

Kheir Fund is a balanced growth fund that aims to achieve high returns with low volatility in the Egyptian stock exchange.

The fund is currently ranked as the Top performer among all its peers in Egypt in 2014 reaching a return of 30.27%.
Kheir fund is adopting a dynamic strategy that optimizes return and consistently outperform the benchmark balanced funds with low volatility due to its balanced and diversified nature.

Kheir fund is currently the top performing balanced fund in Egypt achieving a return of 106.53% in three years after

Acumen Asset Management was given the mandate to manage Kheir fund in November 2011.

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In February 2014, Acumen Asset Management successfully launched its new Balanced Islamic Fund “Ezdehar” with Bank Audi that was successfully covered 2.5 times. Ezdehar fund is the first equity balanced fund to be launched in Egypt after the June 30th, 2013 revolution. The Islamic Sharia-compliant fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing a maximum of 60% of its net assets in Sharia-compliant Egyptian equities, while the rest is invested in Islamic money market instruments such as Modarba, Morabha, Egara and Islamic deposits. Ezdehar certificates are traded on a weekly basis.

Ezdehar Fund abides by Sharia Board regulations that include scholars and members of the Islamic Feqh Academy in Jeddah, Chairman of Sharia Supervision Board of Dubai Islamic Bank, and the CEO of the Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). The fund also hired Ideal Ratings, a US institutional industry leader in terms of market share, to provide the screening of Sharia-complaint stocks.

Currently, Ezdehar fund ranked as the #1 fund among Islamic Balanced Funds in Egypt.


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