Avenue Of Sphinxes Inaugurated In Massive Celebration

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28 Nov 2021

Egypt has officially unveiled the Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor in a historic celebration. The festivities involved ceremonies that were performed by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago, and were extended throughout the city in land, air, and river shows. This event will be one among many that will become a trend in the promoting of Egypt as one of the prime touristic destinations in the world, and will dramatically increase the inflow of tourists.

The Avenue of Sphinxes, also known as Road of the Rams, connects Karnak Temple with Luxor Temple over a distance of 2.7km. It has over 1,200 statues of different dynasties that ruled Ancient Egypt, and was the main venue for the yearly Opet Festival witnessed by Ancient Egyptians. The ceremony was attended by prominent figures from Egypt and internationally, and over 200 news crews and bloggers from all over the world.

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