Egypt Planning To Produce Green Hydrogen

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27 Jun 2021

The Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy has announced that Egypt is at an advanced stage in evaluating a new project to generate green hydrogen through water electrolysis. The project is expected to cost around USD4bn. Feasibility studies have been completed and submitted by a Belgian consortium of infrastructure companies including DEME, Fluxys, and the Port of Antwerp’s management company. The evaluation of the project is being conducted in partnership with the SFE (Sovereign Fund of Egypt) and a number of other related government ministries. The end goal is to produce green hydrogen and export it to Europe.

Green hydrogen is a fuel that does not use any fossil fuels in its production. It is made through electrolysis (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen), and uses renewable energy to fuel the process. This is in contrast to grey hydrogen, which is produced using methane. Goldman Sachs estimates that green hydrogen could provide up to 25% of global energy needs by 2050.

Egypt’s government is targeting to generate 42% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2035. They are already ahead of schedule by one year, and will reach a 20% ratio by the end of this year. Egypt currently has the largest solar power plant in the world in the Benban region. The government has allocated more than 7,000km2 for renewable energy production projects, an area which could potentially generate around 90,000MW of electricity. (Source: Arab News (English), Amwal al-Ghad (English), al-Ahram, October Magazine. Background sources: Forbes, Goldman Sachs)

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