Government Includes 3-wheelers (Tuktuks) In NGV Replacement Initiative

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21 Jun 2021

The spokesperson for the Cabinet revealed that the government has included tuktuks (a covered 3-wheeled vehicle that is a cross between a motorcycle and a car and serves as an alternative to taxis) in the state’s NGV replacement initiative. The initiative encourages owners to replace their vehicles with new NGVs by offering incentives, including long-term financing at subsidized rates. Alternatively, a new program is currently being launched that will encourage tuktuk owners to replace their vehicles with minivans using similar incentives. The spokesperson estimated that there are currently about 2.5-3.0mn tuktuks in Egypt.

With regards to licensing existing tuktuks, he said that the government has put in place a number of simplified policies and incentives to encourage owners to license their vehicles. Vehicles that are not licensed by the end of the specified licensing window, which could extend to up to one year, will be confiscated by the government. (Source: Sada el-Balad)

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