Government Includes Pharmaceutical Sector In Export Subsidy Program

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25 May 2021

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has decided to include the pharmaceutical sector in its new export subsidy program. The updated program, which builds on the previous version, will be inaugurated within the coming few days, and will contribute to boosting Egyptian exports especially to African and emerging markets.

In the same context, the Export Council for Medical Industries said that this inclusion will complement their current strategy for increasing exports of medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. The first phase of the strategy aims to reach 21 African countries, and the second phase will target 15 countries from the former Soviet bloc. Then the third phase will focus on the Far East countries including Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and the fourth phase will target Latin American markets. (Source: al-Ahram, al-Maal, Mubasher, Amwal al-Ghad)

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