ORAS (Orascom Construction) & SWDY (el-Sewedy Electric) Among Winners Of Energy Production Project

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16 Mar 2021

Orascom Construction and a subsidiary of el-Sewedy Electric are among the winning entities of phase one of a project to produce energy from waste worth USD375mn. The Ministry of Environment recently announced that eight out of a total of 93 private companies have won the first phase. The project is part of the Ministry’s plan for the private sector to join the government’s new waste management system, and give it the opportunity to implement various projects including: i) power plants, ii) waste recycling, iii) intermediate stations, and iv) the establishment of advanced landfills.

The Ministry is currently working on completing feasibility studies for the first phase of the project, and evaluating all operational steps to: i) ensure the success of the waste disposal experiment in the governorates, and ii) achieve the highest sustainable economic and environmental benefit. Phase one will incorporate seven governorates, including al-Gharbia, as the establishment of factories that produce energy from waste has begun in governorates that do not have a desert background.

The government’s new waste management system will cost around EGP18bn. This includes EGP10bn for the system’s infrastructure, which involves establishing 103 intermediary stations to collect and sort the waste and 57 waste recycling factories, as well as 71 environmentally-friendly landfills. (Source: al-Mal Newspaper)

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