Renewable Energy Investments Under Development in Egypt at USD3.5bn

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20 Jan 2022

In its 2021 harvest report, Egypt’s New & Renewable Energy Authority reported that investments in renewable energy that are currently being development total USD3.5bn. These aim to generate an additional 3.6GW of energy, of which 78% is solar energy and 22% is wind energy. Total production of renewable energy in Egypt in 2021 reached 24GWh, sourced through 14GWh of hydropower, 5.4GWh of wind energy, and 4.5GWh of solar energy. Renewable energy production in Egypt has produced an amount of energy comparable to what would have been generated using 4mn tons of oil and equivalents, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 10mn tons.

(Source: New & Renewable Energy Authority (English), Daily News Egypt (English), al-Ahram, al-Youm al-Saabe, al-Watan)

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